Sitemap - 2021 - Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology

CSPI 2021: The Year in Review

Will Zemmour Bring a Right-Wing Revolution in France?

Wokeness and Civil Rights Law | Charles Fain Lehman, Gabriel Rossman & Richard Hanania

CSPI Essay Contest: Policy Reform for Progress

Population Structure: What Epidemiology Has Gotten Wrong | Philippe Lemoine & Richard Hanania

Here we go again: The Omicron menace

The Overwhelming Underwhelmingness of Academia: Three Reasons to Leave

Is DEI Conquering Science? | Leif Rasmussen & Richard Hanania

Have we been thinking about the pandemic wrong? The effect of population structure on transmission

Increasing Politicization and Homogeneity in Scientific Funding: An Analysis of NSF Grants, 1990-2020

The Queen of the Human Sciences | Robert Plomin & Richard Hanania

Perceptions of Racism Can Shape Support for QAnon

What's Wrong with the West Coast? | Michael Shellenberger & Richard Hanania

History as Told Through Our Genes | Razib Khan & Richard Hanania

Why Rationality Requires Incentives | Steven Pinker & Richard Hanania

How to Get Better Elites? | Robin Hanson & Richard Hanania

The Accuracy of Stereotypes: Data and Implications

Is the Delta variant really more than twice as transmissible as the original strain of the virus?

Embryo Screening and the Future of Reproductive Choice | Noor Siddiqui & Richard Hanania

Why COVID-19 Is Here to Stay, and Why You Shouldn’t Worry About It

Flying X-Wings into the Death Star: On Investing and Tech | Marc Andreessen & Richard Hanania

How to Think about Stats | Philippe Lemoine & Richard Hanania

Lockdowns, econometrics and the art of putting lipstick on a pig

The Black Hole of DEI Spending at Public Universities

Demagoguery: Left and Right | Eric Posner & Richard Hanania

Israel, COVID, China, Critical Race Theory, and More | Razib Khan & Richard Hanania

Can Private Cities Help End Poverty? | Mark Lutter & Richard Hanania

The Good War? Myths of World War II | Sean McMeekin & Richard Hanania

New Mission for CSPI

Can Psychology Be Fixed? | Jesse Singal & Richard Hanania

Too Much Education and Too Few Kids | Bryan Caplan & Richard Hanania

Do We Have Too Much Democracy? | Garett Jones & Richard Hanania

War as Product of Human Stupidity | John Mueller & Richard Hanania

The British variant of SARS-CoV-2 and the poverty of epidemiology

Academic Freedom, Part II | Eric Kaufmann & Richard Hanania

War on Science | Philippe Lemoine & Richard Hanania

CSPI Report on Lockdowns in the WSJ

New Research Fellow: Philippe Lemoine

The Case against Lockdowns

Academic Freedom, Part I | Eric Kaufmann & Richard Hanania

Academic Freedom in Crisis

Academic Freedom in Crisis: Punishment, Political Discrimination, and Self-Censorship

Kaufmann in the NYT

CSPI Grants: QAnon Beliefs and Impacts

US Civil War? | Razib Khan & Richard Hanania

The Great Awokening | Zach Goldberg & Richard Hanania

The National Populist Illusion | George Hawley & Richard Hanania