39: Does Big Data Know Best? | Seth Stephens-Davidowitz & Richard HananiaListen now (104 min) | Seth Stephens-Davidowitz is a data scientist, author, and keynote speaker. He holds a PhD in economics from Harvard and is a…
38: How LGBT Are the Kids? | Eric Kaufmann & Richard HananiaListen now (86 min) | The politics of sexuality, modernism on the left and right, and school wars vs. university wars as the priority of conservative…
Thanks to everyone who entered the CSPI Essay Contest, Policy Reform for Progress. The winners are: FIRST PLACE ($5,000): Gathering Steam: Unlocking…
Trends in LGBT identification and sexual behavior, liberal ideology and mental illness, and the decline of trans
CSPI Report No. 6
37: Social Desirability as the Enemy of Truth | Bryan Caplan & Richard HananiaListen now (98 min) | On demagoguery in politics, logic in labor markets, and stupidity everywhere
36: The Future of Tech (Bonus Episode) | Eron Wolf & Richard HananiaListen now (46 min) | On post-internet politics, ML-driven advertising, and Big Tech centralization
35: Baby Brainwaves and Broken Science | Jordan Lasker & Richard HananiaListen now (68 min) | Why IQ interventions fail in the real world and bad researchers succeed in academia
34: The Le Pen Curse | Philippe Lemoine & Richard HananiaListen now (101 min) | Forecasting the French presidential election, and the science of far right politics
Why disparate impact makes everything illegal, and wokeness as arbitrary government power
33: Towards an Anti-Woke Political Program | Gail Heriot & Richard HananiaListen now (80 min) | Gail Heriot is a Professor of Law at the University of San Diego School of Law and a member of the United States Commission on…
Why conspiracy theories don't make sense