I stopped listening after Miller, talking about CRT, said "What's the harm here? If a white kid has to learn a little more about black history..."

If that is his perspective on CRT in schools, then he is almost willfully out of touch with anyone who would disagree with him.

Just another well-credentialed left-wing snob. Ring the bell, get him off the stage. Next!

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I really wonder how Tim Miller thinks we run a multicultural democracy where groups are taught to hate each other. Race relations are at their absolute worst point in decades. I have younger cousins and the things they say about white people would make Malcolm X blush.

Tim just shrugs to all of that and says "so what"? I wish you pushed back harder against that, Richard.

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Richard, I'm surprised you didn't push back more here on the schools. I think you wrote in a previous article that it's crazy to care about inflation when our kids are forced to mask for 8 hours a day.

You briefly mentioned the skyrocketing depression rates, almost certainly caused by wokeness in schools. Contra Tim, the goths and emos were much happier than woke teens are today. Even the gay kids were happier! To say it's just "teens being teens" is being willfully blind. I'm surprised Tim can't see that this is a real, consequential issue, more so that tax rates or inflation (I'll side with Caplan on immigration).

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CRT is absolutely detrimental to race relations. Tim must be living in a bubble where being a white male isn’t a census category to be openly mocked and derided.

I work in finance and there’s something about once a week where white maleness is either openly talked about as being a negative thing or there’s a policy implementation which has an open net negative effect for white men. This isn’t just some troll-y shit on 4chan.

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Not sure if his neocon version of the GOP is worse than the current conspiratorial MAGA GOP. at least the later is genuine.

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Feb 24, 2023·edited Feb 24, 2023

It is interesting to listen to Miller. What was striking is he seems to lack a basic understanding of mass politics. He may have been a very good plumber (and politics to him seems like fixing people's toilets when they back up), but it's all some kind of West Wing episode, and he seems to embrace the 1990's Neoliberal Western consensus as some kind of Divine Revelation of Truth. Here's to the end of History.

An alternative take might be that the CCP have done a better job using markets than the free marketers, and the current Western social order is backwards, and doomed to fail in the security struggle with the Chinese over the long-term. I'm not saying this is true, but to a certain mold of Republican, its not even possible. they won't even consider data. The other things is that empires, like Rome, may become prosperous and undergo moral and cultural decline, which is embodied in changing social mores and laws, and there may be some recurrent patterns here. However, this would entail a level of historical consciousness, instead of a bar chart of polling data or some social science survey from a political science course.

Liberal Internationalism in Foreign Policy (Democratic Peace Theory B.S.), market fundamentalism, social liberalism, and by all means strict avoidance of any study of history, war making, realpolitik, ethnogenesis, and real economics (that is, economies that win wars versus economies that make paper asset bubbles).

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