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No Need to Argue. Just Build | Niklas Anzinger & Richard Hanania
No Need to Argue. Just Build | Niklas Anzinger & Richard Hanania

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Niklas Anzinger is the founder and General Partner of Infinita, the first Próspera-based VC fund, which invests in founders overcoming regulatory capture in crypto, biotech and hardware through network states and startup cities. He’s also one of the 100 or so residents of Próspera.

This was quite an optimistic conversation. The title of the podcast comes from the last thing Niklas said, which was that you don’t actually need attention or to talk about grand projects, but just to show the world what you can do.

Prospera tests 'private city' plan in Honduras – DW – 03/06/2023

Niklas is part of the charter city movement, which seeks to build hubs of innovation and progress while bringing the rule of law and economic development to poorer regions of the world. In this eventful conversation, Richard and Niklas touch on

  • The mechanics of governance in Próspera

  • Getting around red tape and becoming a hub of medical innovation

  • Amenities and quality of life in the city

  • Upcoming conferences and events

Despite a new government in Honduras that is hostile to charter cities, Niklas is optimistic that they will be able to continue operating. He and Richard also talk about potential medical breakthroughs that Próspera might help bring about, like bacteria that remove cavities from your mouth, and a currently available gene therapy that may make your muscles and bones stronger.


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Upcoming Events

Nov 3-5: Crypto Futurism & Legal Engineering 2023 - A Próspera Builders’ Summit

Nov 17-19: DeSci & Longevity Biotech 2023 - A Próspera Builders' Summit

Jan 6-Mar 1: Vitalia - Starting the Frontier City of Life